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PaintSquare's Journal of Protective Coatings presents the JPCL Resource Guide  - March 2015

What do these companies have to offer and say about safe practices, tools, rules and products that, when used properly, can help to keep workers safe, and reduce lost operations?


JCPL has released a special AD section that highlights products designed to keep workers safe and operations running smoothly each and every day.


Keep up with the latest products to protect your team against the dangers of protective and marine coatings work. Download “Safety in Work Coatings" publication found in the course materials section of these courses: PNT 7700, CAS 2300, HVT 6301 and COR.




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 In the News

Van Air Bosses Around Moisture

April 2014 PaintSquare News  

A new point-of-use compressed-air dryer is designed to provide simple, effective, affordable service for paint booths, blast cabinets and other light industrial applications.

The Moisture Boss by Van Air Systems has a flow capacity up to 35 CFM and a maximum working pressure of 200 PSIG. The unit offers both low initial cost and low operating cost, the manufacturer says.

The system uses Dry-O-Lite desiccant, which the company says "lasts longer and costs less than any other dessicant." The unit operates "for months and even years before needing new desiccant," the manufacturer says.

 Enclosed railcar

Van Air Systems recommends the Moisture Boss compressed-air dryer for shop painting, blast cabinets, body shops and other light industrial applications.

(Photo courtesy of Van Air Systems product video)

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eLearning Updates

Mathematics is a basic and important tool. You use simple mathematics daily in planning and executing your work. Therefore, mathematical accuracy is critical for a profitable job.


We have four new eLearning lessons in the LMS. They are found in the following courses:

COR 1004 Basic Mathematics and Measurements

-Lesson 1 Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
-Lesson 2 Basic Measurements

COR 1005: Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, and Basic Geometry

-Lesson 1 Fraction Basics
-Lesson 2 Decimals, Percentages, and Basic Geometry 


At the end of each lesson, you’ll have the opportunity to practice your math skills using the online assessment.


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  Updated: IUPAT 101

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